Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) is an investigative approach that works to identify the hidden sources of disease rather than simply treating the symptoms. Using practical lab work, we identify opportunities for healing and involve each client in a health development plan using the effective, proven, professional protocols in our D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success program. This includes Diet, Rest, Exercise, Supplements and Stress Reduction. This natural, whole body approach brings the highest level of positive clinical outcomes. Rather than treating with medicine, we treat with education. We help our clients discover what can help them be their personal best.

Once a complete lab testing has been performed, each client will receive a comprehensive analysis. The tests will reveal the biochemical and metabolic imbalances that are contributing to your medical complaints. We will then work to establish a program to address the imbalances that may include education pertaining to natural and botanical supplements and remedies, as well as lifestyle factors such as stress management, diet, sleep, appropriate exercise, and adequate hydration.


Stop Chasing Symptoms and get to the Root Cause of your Health Complaints

Join Raeanna Pitzer in a customized program to uncover the underlying reasons why you are not feeling your best.  By utilizing Functional Lab Testing and implementing a practical diet and lifestyle strategy, you can take control of your own health and learn how to rebalance and support your body.  With proper function, health can be restored and feeling great is possible again!

It may seem common in our modern world to have symptoms, but that doesn’t mean that they are normal; headaches, fatigue, extra weight, joint and muscle pain, digestive problems, foggy thinking, trouble sleeping and skin issues are actually messages from your body that you have an imbalance or dysfunction – these are not just “signs of aging”.  Maybe you’ve been struggling with these symptoms and your doctor’s lab results indicate “there’s nothing wrong with you” or you are told that you “just have to live with it and manage the pain”.  This is not an acceptable model of health care.

Functional vs. Medical Model

  • Functional Model
  • Restoring health and function
  • Symptoms are a sign of malfunction
  • No symptom is normal
  • Use natural therapies
  • Recognizes bio-individualty
  • Focus on the whole person
  • Cost effective
  • Medical Model
  • Relieving symptoms
  • Aim is to manage the disease
  • Symptoms are diagnosed and treated
  • Use drugs and surgery
  • A one size fits all approach
  • Specialists focus on certain body parts
  • Cost prohibitive

Most Clients Want to Know the Following:

1.  Do you know what is wrong with me?

Yes, you have malfunctions at the root of your health complaints which we can identify using functional lab work. Most clients have no idea what is causing their health complaints and neither do their doctors. Many people have been chasing their symptoms for years because other providers can’t find the cause or don’t bother to even look for it. FDN health detectives use functional diagnostic lab work to identify malfunctions at the causal level and engage our clients in a healing process.

Educating the client is the first step in giving them the confidence needed to take control of their own health.  Unlike common practice, the goal is to have the client learn what works best for their unique body in combination with understanding the lab results, as well as diet, lifestyle and supplementation recommendations.
In wanting to address my health on a deeper level and improve the services l could offer to clients, I sought a certification as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) Practitioner.  This enables me to run lab tests with my clients to evaluate potential hidden stressors such as hormone imbalances, gut infections, and food sensitivities.  Through my programs, we also incorporate the FDN DRESS for Health Success® protocol which address lifestyle factors:  diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction, and supplementation.

2.  Can you help me?

Yes, as long as you are as committed to restoring health as we are. If you’re looking for a magic pill or easy solution to ‘rebuild’ your engine, you’re in the wrong place. If you realize your life choices and the foods we eat have a 1 to 1 relationship with how we think, look and feel, and you’re willing to remodel your life for the better, we’re here, and for all the right reasons. FDN protocols are based on healing opportunities, not treating symptoms. It takes time to rebuild, repair or restore normal function to ones cells, organs or systems. Balancing body chemistry, detoxification, improving digestion and assimilation and immune boosting each come with challenges that require persistence and possible course corrections. Restoring hormone balance may happen soon in some people and take more time in others due to how we each respond to our own chronic stress factors.

3.  Have you helped others like me?

Yes, we’ve helped thousands of people reach their best level of health in many years. Many clients have completely resolved their health conditions even if they were previously diagnosed with serious medical conditions. There are  FDN health detectives in 40 countries helping thousands and thousands of people.