pile_of_smarties_203085January Class

January 30, 2015

6:30P.M. – 8:00 P.M.

942 Casteel Rd., Powder Spring

Cost $15 per person – if you bring a friend you BOTH can come for $20

We all know we get fat from eating fat, right?      WRONG!       We get fat from eating SUGAR!!!

Sugar is the REAL reason almost 70% of the American adult population is over weight.

And if you’re telling yourself – “I don’t eat alot of sugar this doesn’t apply to me” then THINK again.  Sugar is hidden in almost every processed product even things that don’t taste sweet.  And if you’re reading this,  then you are probably a parent.  And can I just say that the average kid today is consuming 300 times more sugar than their grandparents did!!! Let me educate you on what you can do so that your family as a whole can consume LESS sugar.  This is going to be an AWESOME class! We have great examples of hidden sugars, we have displays that show a day in the life of an average kid and how much sugar they consume and we have SOLUTIONS!  We give you tips on how to reduce the addiction as well as safe and healthy alternatives.

Because life without cake would just be too boring!

Please email me with any questions and I hope to see you there!  (theskinnypeach@yahoo.com)